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The Heiligenfeld clinic in Berlin is the latest facility of the Heiligenfeld Group and was opened in September 2017. The clinic is located in a redeveloped building, that is listed for preservation, on the site of the accident hospital (UKB) and was founded in close collaboration with the UKB.  We accept/ treat clients with a private insurance or a social insurance against occupational accidents as well as those who are able to afford the treatment themselves.

The therapeutic programm includes the treatment of the complete range of psychosomatic and psychological disorders. We offer special therapeutic concepts for executives, doctors and therapists, teacher, officials in law enforcement and persons of public life.

The Heiligenfeld Clinic in Berlin is a special place that can support you to cope with challenging life events and to overcome conflicts. The clinic offers a safe space of respect and provides a room and guidance, that is needed in order to recover and regain strength.

The foundation of our work is a therapy that is based on specific guidelines for different diagnoses as well as it includes and takes the individual experience, needs and backgrounds of the patients into account. We offer medical and psychosomatic treatments with body related therapies, creative methods and other supporting and integrative measures.

You would like to get to know the clinic beforehand?

You are very welcome to visit us, in case you are interested please contact our central admission management at 030 58619-0 to arrange an appointment.

We are looking forward to seeing you here and wish you a pleasant stay in our clinic.


Are you interested in a treatment, do you want to inform yourself on the admission procedure in the Heiligenfeld clinic or do you have any other questions?

Please don't hesitate to contact us at 030 58619-0.

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